Jokokan Holbæk karate school starts on August 11, 2008

By Jokokan Honbu

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Shindenkan organization is establishing a new karate school with "Space for everyone - the elite as the exerciser" in the town of Holbæk.
The head instructor is a very experienced gentleman with over 29 years of experience in martial arts, of which over 3 years of training in Japan. With more than 150 tournament matches and two World Cup bronzes in Japan as his best result, he started in 1994 in Jokokan, including Shindenkan, as he sought a deeper and broader aspect with a rooted foundation in the ancient martial arts and values.

The father of the family, Brian Jessen is 42 years old, married Japanese and both sons also train Yakami Shinsei-ryu karate-do. Brian first became a black belt in karate almost 20 years ago in Gensei-ryu karate-do at the sister organization Genshi-kan and is today a 3rd dan, black belt in Yakami Shinsei-ryu karate-do at Jokokan, including Shindenkan.
Brian fulfills a lifelong dream by establishing his own karate-do school in his own local area. Let's wish him luck and everyone help Brian make his dream a success!.
Jokokan Holbæk karate school is a member of Shindenkan Scandinavia (Jokokan), which is an association of seven Jokokan schools with a total of around 642 members per year. 1/ 2-2008. There are schools in Amager, Ballerup, Greve strand, Frederiksberg, Korsør, Slagelse and now Holbæk. All work is voluntary and unpaid for the benefit of members and society throughout the organisation.

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