Welcome to Shindenkan!

Take a journey into the world of multi-track martial arts

We have room for everyone

  • We meet you where you are
  • We take you on a journey
  • In development, value set and community
  • All ages, boys, girls, men and women
  • Katsu-Jin and Kohaku-Jin

We know the way

  • Know yourself
  • Respect others and their skills
  • Take responsibility for yourself and others
  • You are much better than yourself and others wants you to be
  • We believe in you, but you also have to believe in yourself

we have the balance

  • It's open for everyone
  • It's never too late
  • You can if you want
  • Strive for perfection
  • Use Yakami as a tool in your life.

Try it Your Self!

Find your peace of mind in A world of multi-track martial arts

  • When you start in Shindenkan, you enter a traditional martial arts world.
  • A traditional multi-track martial arts world based on 1000 years of history and experience.
  • A world far from the competitive world that characterizes sports today.

Did you know that

There are six simple rules you must remember to optimize – at the same time:

  1. Eat and stay hydrated properly and according to the conditions.
  2. Be properly rested according to the conditions.
  3. Me time – Confidence and self-esteem – Nature, sunlight and meditation.
  4. Do cardiovascular exercise for the sake of your heart, brain and circulatory system.
  5. Train your body as a whole, which includes the skeleton, muscles, tendons, nerve pathways, etc.
  6. Prevent injuries and heal physically and mentally with timely care.
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Get the essence of 1,000 years of experience directly to you

Learn from the old masters who have gone before you

We are true multi-track martial arts

  • With room for everyone, the elite as the exerciser - Take on YOUR journey.
  • We build you up step by step, but you decide how far and when the wings should carry - with the same competence rules for all belt grades.
    • Basic multi-track education I; 10.kyu – 5.kyu.
    • Basic multi-track education II; 4.kyu – 1.kyu.
    • Basic multi-track education III; 1.dan black belt.
    • Multi-track programs; 2.-10.dan or densho degrees.
  • We are a competence organization at the highest international level, and recognize each other and others. Our focus is on development; you and us.
    • We emphasize increased self-esteem, increased self-confidence and that you are the best version of yourself, as the leader of your own life and possibly others'.
    • We discretely acknowledge with comparable single-track chest competency badges every year, but we are a multi-track whole.
    • Our basic multi-track education II most often corresponds to black belt degrees in single-track systems, just as our basic multi-track education III most often corresponds to senior black belt degrees in single-track systems.
    • We have continuously trained new senior black belt instructors via our basic training II and III, to the delight of well-established single-track colleagues, but also brand new single-track martial arts systems to the great delight of local village environments.
  • We recognize each other and others with gradual competence development, which must also be usable outside of Shindenkan – throughout life:
    • Primary school – High school – College/Master's degree – University.
    • Employee – Section/Team Leader – Head of Department – Director.
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem through: Recognize and know yourself.

Do you want to know more about us?

In Shindenkan there is room for everyone and therefore special consideration is given to those who show the way for others – role models after 50+ years and those who have an injury approved by the Health authorities with documentation – who carry a very special will in their heart.

Do you want to start your journey in the world of multi-track martial arts?

Then Shindenkan is the place for you

Our motto:

"We have room for everyone – the Elite as the Exerciser"

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