By Dan Jensen, SDKSkyt, Frederiksberg

We have moved outside. We started the POMW course in a gymnasium with white balls, moved on to an indoor shooting range that was more like a closed basement and now we are out in the open. Throughout the course, I have practiced at home (without shooting properly) and the whole course fits together nicely. I have improved, I can get even better and I can see a connection to the other karate training, which is what I am in the club for.

It was Sunday the 14th of April and it was POMW II. We were supposed to meet at 8 a.m. somewhere out in the country, and it was planned that we should finish at 7 p.m. It was planned to be a long day and maybe it was part of the plan that we should get tired to see how it would go would affect process and results. I got tired and that also affected the results. But it went well.

We shot with both 22mm and 9mm. At short and long distance. There was a focus on safety and we got lots of help, advice and guidance. The day ends with cleaning the weapons and here we sit around a table with polishing tools and oils. A calm and pleasant end to an educational day. 

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