The Wheel & The Deep Plate; Black and brown belt cavalcade until the summer holidays

As previously written in articles by the SDK chairman, we are approx. 900 members in Shindenkan and already well on the way to 1,000.

For the past 7 years, the Honbu dojo and the association have focused heavily on 10.kyu to 1.kyu, in the multi-lane Yakami Shinsei-ryu martial arts system as part of Shindenkan's highly successful strategic plan. This equivalent in single track martial arts systems from 10.kyu to 1.dan, black belt.

In the next at least five years, there will also be a big focus on 1st dan to 3rd dan Sr, black belt, in the multi-track Yakami Shinsei-ryu martial arts system as part of Shindenkan's new strategic plan. This corresponds in single-track martial arts systems to the degrees from 2.dan to 5.dan, black belt.

The focus will also be on TG6 and TG7, i.e. the grades from 4.dan to 6.dan, in the multi-track Yakami Shinsei-ryu martial arts system, corresponding in single-track martial arts systems to the grades from 5.dan to 7.dan, black belt. But the main focus will be on the former as part of Shindenkan's development and strategy.

In the spring quarter, a series of articles will therefore focus on the multi-track brown and black belts - the equivalent of black belts in single-track systems. This is clearly the students' own experiences, experiences, knowledge and good advice, which is passed on to everyone who is interested in it. At Shindenkan, we have an open communication policy – internally and externally.

The function of the wheel and the deep plate is precisely also to demystify wandering stories, and simply write factual experiences from members who have "walked ahead".

In Shindenkan, we strive that an instructor's most important task is to put himself aside and put the student at the center, meet the student where the student is, and take the student on a journey, but also show the student a faster path than the instructor himself has taken . Thus is the optimal learning circle in life.

We must remember the Shindenkan vision; "Imagine if no knowledge and experience were lost - good or bad, and human learning was one long upward spiral - that would truly be charity"

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